Acne Extraction Bangkok

Acne Extraction Bangkok: Your Path to Clearer Skin!

For over 18 years, Puttharaksa Aesthetic has been dedicated to providing acne extraction services in Bangkok. With an impressive track record of over 42,482 successful procedures, it has established itself as a trusted destination for those seeking effective acne treatment. Their commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in an exceptionally low post-extraction inflammation rate, averaging less than 1.5%, which is well below the industry standard of 2-5%.

Expert Acne Extraction

Puttharaksa Aesthetic takes pride in its team of highly skilled professionals, specializing in acne extraction. Their expertise enables them to perform the procedure with utmost care and precision, ensuring minimal discomfort for the clients. With a keen focus on comprehensive removal, they diligently address trapped acne and take effective measures to reduce any subsequent redness.

Benefits of Acne Extraction

  1. Prompt Resolution: Unlike the time-consuming nature of oral or topical medications, acne extraction offers a faster and more efficient solution for acne removal.
  2. Avoidance of Medication Side Effects: One of the significant advantages of acne extraction is the avoidance of potential side effects associated with oral medications like Roaccutane (Isotretinoin Capsules), such as skin sensitivity, dryness, dry eyes, dry throat, nasal dryness, or even bleeding.
  3. Accelerated Healing: Following acne extraction, inflamed and pus-filled acne experiences quicker healing and resolution.
  4. Essential for Pustular Acne: For pustular acne filled with pus, extraction before any further treatment is crucial. Failure to remove the pus can significantly diminish the chances of complete resolution by nearly 50%.
  5. Prevents Inflammatory Acne: Acne trapped beneath the skin’s surface can become aggravated due to friction, scratching, or irritation, leading to the formation of inflammatory acne.
  6. Enhances Skin Texture: Through acne extraction, the skin’s texture is improved, preventing the development of lumpy surfaces.


Puttharaksa Aesthetic in Bangkok offers a reliable and professional acne extraction service for those struggling with acne issues. With their highly trained experts and effective techniques, clients can experience a comfortable procedure, quick healing, and improved skin texture.

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