Facial Extraction Bangkok

Facial Extraction in Bangkok: Your Top Choice

Facial extraction in Bangkok at Puttharaksa Aesthetic is carried out by skilled professionals who prioritize their clients’ comfort.

Over 42,000 Successful Treatments Since 2005

Since 2005, Puttharaksa Aesthetic has successfully provided facial extraction services to over 42,000 clients. They continuously work on refining their extraction process to reduce inflammation and redness after the treatment.

Less Than 1.5% Post-Extraction Inflammation

Clients at Puttharaksa Aesthetic experience very low rates of inflammation, less than 1.5% after facial extraction. Any redness resulting from the treatment usually disappears within 2-3 days. For those who choose the Acne Mask treatment alongside extraction, redness vanishes in just one day.

Sanitary Practices for Client Safety

Puttharaksa Aesthetic places a high priority on client safety during facial extraction. They follow strict sanitary practices, ensuring that all equipment and tools are thoroughly sterilized to minimize the risk of infections.

Personalized Approach for Optimal Results

At Puttharaksa Aesthetic, the team takes a personalized approach to facial extraction treatments. They assess each client’s unique skin needs, tailoring the procedure accordingly to achieve the best possible results.

Comprehensive Aftercare Guidance

Clients at Puttharaksa Aesthetic receive comprehensive aftercare guidance to maintain healthy and clear skin post-extraction. The experts provide valuable advice on skincare routines and recommend suitable products.

Affordable Pricing – 399 Baht Only

Despite their top-quality services, Puttharaksa Aesthetic offers competitive pricing at just 399 Baht. They are committed to making quality skincare accessible to everyone.

Conclusion — Facial Extraction Bangkok

Clients can expect expert facial extraction services with minimum discomfort at Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok. With over 42,000 successful treatments, their continuous development and personalized care ensure optimal results. The clinic prioritizes client safety through strict sanitary practices. Clients benefit from comprehensive aftercare guidance and affordable pricing, making Puttharaksa Aesthetic the go-to place for facial extraction in Bangkok.

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